Substance Dependence Treatment

Addiction is a complex brain disease that changes a person’s behaviors and thought process – it can happen to anyone. This chronic disease affects the brain’s chemistry to affect the reward system. Substance dependence hijacks neurotransmitters such as dopamine, “the feel good-pleasure-reward” part of the brain making it difficult to discontinue use of the substance. Individuals with a substance dependence disorder seek substances instead of healthier options. Continual substance abuse can severely damage someone both mentally and physically.

Symptoms of dependence:

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) is the gold standard in treatment for Substance Use Disorders. MAT combines prescription medication to decrease or eliminate the harmful substance use and counselling/behavioral therapy to help manage triggers and any underlying mental health issues. The prescribed medication works on the brain chemistry to block the euphoric effects of the substance used, reduce physical and psychological cravings and normalize the body’s chemistry over time.

Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol abuse can affect anyone at age or socioeconomical class. Alcohol addiction rewires the brain so you need alcohol to function normally. Addiction negatively impacts one’s physical health, mental health and relationships.

Prescription and Non-Prescription Drug Dependence

Opioid abuse can affect anyone at any age or socioeconomical status. Opioid addiction rewires the brain, so you need opiates to function and just to feel normal. Addiction negatively impacts one’s physical health, mental health, and relationships.

Medical Detox

Trying to quit using a substance can be very difficult due to the withdrawal symptoms that eventually can perpetuate someone to continue the use of the substance. The uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal ignites a circle of use, abstinence, cravings, relapse and use again.

At Footsteps to Wellness, we take an integrative approach by providing a comfortable, safe and confidential detoxification process that includes both FDA approved medications/treatments and intravenous supplementation to help restore the brain’s function, detoxification of the liver, hydrate and replenish nutritional deficiencies and ease the recovery process.

The physical and psychological withdrawal can be the most difficult obstacle to abstaining from substance use. We provide safe, medical detoxification treatment to help start your road to recovery.


We do not offer Counselling therapy or psychotherapy; however we are able to provide referrals.
Follow up visits are generally scheduled monthly.
The Bridge is an FDA-cleared, drug-free, non-surgical device to use neuromodulation to aid in the reduction of symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal. The Bridge is a small electrical nerve stimulator device that contains a battery-powered chip and wires that are applied around the client's ear in the office. It generally stays on for 5 days duration the active phase of acute withdrawal. The Bridge device can be prescribed when initiating treatment, transitioning to naltrexone or tapering off medication-assisted treatment.
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